Chris Bentley/Daddy C

Hi Chris we knew you in the Phoenix region and was surprised to find you living in Las Vegas.. Are you and the husband informing others you have a HIV/AIDS infection going on or like others in Las Vegas have stated rumored to be infected.. He looks really bad I mean like take it to the hospital and wait for death bad.. While the two of you are engaging in an open relationship with people are you informing them of the ADIS/HIV infection or simply exposing others to a death sentence so they have to suffer the same horror the two of you are suffering from.. The husband had skin hanging off his face when he bent over at the DJ booth spinning the hits that never quit.. One more thing why are you two stalking/following others at night.. Are you two serial killers sexual predators exactly what is the deal it was a grey Dodge double cab truck licensed to 3429 Ferrell Street North Las Vegas.. Here’s a idea go away sluts..

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