Yumiko Siev

Yumiko Siev, also referred to as Yumi, is a 22 year-old Accounting Intern at Schall & Ashenfarb, LLC that pretends to be a scholar on social media. Born on September 19, 1995. She is also at impoverished tutor at the Baruch College SACC Center. In a poorly executed attempt to slander my name, this crazyRead more


Tushar Chawla from Baruch College MFE is a rapist worth nothing. He will rape you with his bath breath and two inch penis which is covered in a forest of hair. Incredibly odious body which makes sense since he showers once a week. Disgusting and vile human being. Fired from morgan stanley for raping andRead more

Viktor Bunin

This disgusting piece of filth goes around infecting both men and women with a plethora of diseases. Stay as far away as possible. Here’s his number to leave messages about his behaviors; (718) 415-9229. He lives at 2547 W 2nd Street, Apt 6G. Pay him a visit if you’d like.