Bob Mcleod

It is rumored by the Flex Cocktail Lounge staff that Dr. Robert D. Mcleod is HIV/AIDS positive after dating and getting engaged to a person who died from it.. Before dumping that person Robert dated them and then promised them a major return on a stock market investment making them a millionaire overnight.. It didn’tRead more

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Benjamin Avery

He works at The Spotlight Lounge in Las Vegas Nevada.. Lives at 3420 South Pecos Road Las Vegas Nevada he approached Us outside the Entourage Spa and started offering money for a couple of hours worth of fun.. He is extremely tall bald and creepy and had a small patch of ks along the edgeRead more

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Yesenia Delbrey HIV positive

Nik, more of Yesenia Delbrey’s dirty laundry is getting out, but she’s gained 50 pounds. Her photoshop subscription is expired, much like her cell phone that got temporarily disconnected after her latest bleach dye job. She went to domestic violence agency Hope’s Door in Plano Texas and cried abuse to get free lawyer Elizabeth G.Read more

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Lawyer David Trinnes

David Matthew Trinnes didn’t tell me that he was/is HIV positive. We met at a club in DC and I was initially impressed that he was a lawyer in Virginia. We had sex at his place in Vienna, VA. The next day, he bragged on his Facebook page (post was quickly deleted) that he “justRead more

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Chris Bentley/Daddy C

Hi Chris we knew you in the Phoenix region and was surprised to find you living in Las Vegas.. Are you and the husband informing others you have a HIV/AIDS infection going on or like others in Las Vegas have stated rumored to be infected.. He looks really bad I mean like take it toRead more

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