Damaged Goods

Michael Shottafer currently emotionally damaged and disabled goods complains about how his life isn’t worth living.. He is currently HIV/AIDS positive and infecting young homeless drug addicted guy men through sex.. Michael is also running a vandalism campaign he asks for money to donate to charity.. Five thousand dollars three thousand will go to himRead more

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John Eisele

John Eisele is currenting engaged in a charity ponzi/pyramid scam he also likes to target the disabled for money/property and cheating the most vulnerable senior citizens of Las Vegas out of their worldly possessions.. John targets then gains guardianship over that person then he strips the assets of the person until none are left.. OnceRead more

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Jimmy Emerson

Currently is engaging in the solicitation of prostitution with the homeless infecting the unknowing with HIV/AIDS in exchange for money.. Lives at 2608 Gilmary Ave Las Vegas Nevada is involved with a charity/ponzi scheme to cheat others in the community of money to pay for his HIV/AIDS medication to keep from dying of the HIV/AIDS..Read more

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Joe Harter

Joe Harter/AKA as Sunshine Summers a drag performer in the Las Vegas region is HIV/AIDS positive and infecting others in Las Vegas without informing them of his status.. The charity organization is a ponzi scam as told to our group by Bill Warbeck and Michael Shottafer.. Joe is currently employed at Charlie’s Las Vegas andRead more

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Timothy Bentley

Timothy Bentley works at Charlie’s Las Vegas and has been targeting others for cash scams to rip off the senior and vulnerable members of the community in pursuit of money to pay for his AIDS/HIV medications.. Hi Tim we watched you stealing money from jacket pockets where you work are AIDS/HIV infected and wanted toRead more

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James Emerson

Mr. James Emerson has been engaging in unprotected sex while knowing he is HIV/AIDS positive at Sunset Park Las Vegas Nevada.. It was reported to the proper authorities and the license number was registered to Mr. James Emerson 2608 Gilmary Ave Las Vegas Nevada.. Currently he has been spreading bed bugs across Las Vegas toRead more

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Chris Bentley/Daddy C

Chris has repeatedly stalked and harassed the victim of his attempted sexual assault.. Chris lives at 3429 Ferrell Street North Las Vegas Nevada and drives a grey Kia Soul license plate 76D-964 also he likes to shoplift from Wal-Mart and Target women’s underwear.. He currently has HIV/AIDS and a genital wart infection with a oozingRead more

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