This is for everyone in the state of Texas beware of Christopher Bush aka Chris aka shortdogg. I slept with him now I’m HIV positive. He’s a thief a liar a sex addicted pervert. If u see this guy run the other way!!!

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Chris Bush

Christopher Bush is supposed to be moving to Texas in some weeks running from the truth that he has herpes, job and Aids. Yes this guy Chris bush is knowing infecting people with aids so beware. He’s from Grove hill Alabama and that’s where he started his infection spread now he’s about to run allRead more

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Vanessa Morring

I met this girl on Back Page. I had no idea that she had Aids. She told me her name was Shoty. The name she goes by on facebook is Melissa Jackson but her real name is Vanessa Morring. I started feeling real sick after we started dating. I now have Aids. If you seeRead more

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Erica Heath

Chyna is what she goes by on Back Page. Her real name is Erica Heath on facebook. I was given HIV/ Aids by Chyna when we met at a hotel on Gordon Hwy. I started to feel sick after I had my date with her. Don’t call this number on Back Page 706 951 3181.Read more

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Amber Rae Kingsley

Miss Amber Rae Kingsley has an unprotected sexual relations with males, females, and animals. Does not inform any of her partners of her diseases. HIV and genital herpes. Has infected a couple of her past relations. Will steal your passwords and hack into your medical records and freely share with anyone and on the internet.Read more

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