Sean Glass

I met Sean Glass of Glassnote Records at a Grammy event. He fed me a bunch of bullshit about how he works for Apple Music and Jimmy Iovine (later I found out that he was fired from Apple and was not working for them at the time I met him). Anyway, he KEPT feeding myRead more

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Mario Jaime Rivera

Mario Jaime Rivera lives in Corpus Christi and enjoys unprotected sex knowing he has an STD. He is a trucker so could give it to anyone since he gets around. He even slept with a pregnant girl knowing he could have affected her unborn child. What a loser.

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Arinda Autumn Bean

Arinda has herpes and lets people fuck her without protection, and without letting them know of her std status. Arinda currently resides in Anderson, In. She is from Rochester, In. Arinda has lived in Tennessee as well.

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