Weston Wallis

This man is such a gentleman and such a smooth talker. He drives what appears to be a welding rig. Apparently likes to sleep around and gave me Herpes a few months ago. I was clean before meeting him and should have known better.

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Christian Palfrey , London and Taunton

Ugly, bald, and super creepy : this is Christian Palfrey , a professional diver in Taunton Somerset UK. Christian Palfrey is infected with std’s such as herpes, syphilis because he use prostitutes. Christian Palfrey is a pervert who used to work with young children in London, for the sole purpose of groping the kids. ManyRead more

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Peter Mylonakis

This devil man, her name is Peter Mylonakis. He and his friends as psychopath, sociopath and cruel as they’re; had raped and tortured four young women and forced them to have sexual relations with other men and they’ve threatened and harassed these young women so that they’re afraid to speak. Some of them are minors.Read more

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