Wayne (Lucus) Burt

Wayne Burt is a known manipulator and womanizer. Due to the large amount of sexual partners Mr Burt entertains, he was diagnosed in 2006 as a STD carrier and women should ecercise caution in any relations with him

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Danitza Radichevich

Danitza Radichevich has had genital herpes since at least her very early 20s. She has failed to disclose the same to at least two sexual partners. She has infected at least two sexual partners. She has falsely accused others of being infected with her own STD to cover up.

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Bradley Tipton

He told me at times when he sleeps with women that he doesn’t tell them he has herpes unless it becomes serious. It has proven that he has slept with certain women without protection or acknowledge of his STD.

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WWW.aarongreenspan.com , Aaron Greenspan, Aaron J. Greenspan, ThinkComp, IRS Fraud , fake 501c , Social Network, Plainsite.com , greenspan@post.harvard.edu , @AaronGreenspan, Herbalife , Christine Richard

Mr. Aaron Greenspan was stripped his title as Founder of Facebook and Facecash. In retaliation , Aaron Greenspan has dug up people personal data and placed it on the website Plainsite.org. Aaron Greenspan is a diva and is white privileged. Many of the people who are listed in plainsite are Hispanic and Black. Aaron GreenspanRead more

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Aaron Greenspan Reddit ama , Aaron Jacob Greenspan, Think Computer Corporation , Aaron J. Greenspan, Think Computer Foundation , Plainsite , The Social Network, Facecash

Aaron Greenspan pretends he is a lawyer and detective. Very bad at both. Arron J Greenspan is upset for being cut out of the movie The Social Network. Apparently the directors decided having a pathetic sociopath mental case who wants to swallow Zucks Jiss would hurt box office tickets. So Aaron Greenspan’s part was takenRead more

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Kevin Palmer Spriggs

Facebook: Kevin Palmer Spriggs Snapchat: palmer_boy84 Instagram: khloes_daddi Place of work: Smithfield Packing Plant Kevin Lamont Spriggs, is from Smithfield and apparently is a liar. He is still married, regardless of what you’ve been told and his lack of a wedding band and a habitual cheater. He cheated on his first wife as well afterRead more

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