Viktor Bunin

This disgusting piece of filth goes around infecting both men and women with a plethora of diseases. Stay as far away as possible. Here’s his number to leave messages about his behaviors; (718) 415-9229. He lives at 2547 W 2nd Street, Apt 6G. Pay him a visit if you’d like.

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*We all must be responsible for what we do in this life no matter who you are: That is why when it comes to STD’s you need to stop the lies, stop the denial, face reality and own up to your bad behavior. Simple as that. ========================================================== Darren Scott Ambler (aka)….Darren Ambler…..(aka)..D. Ambler..(aka)..PossibLy used theRead more

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Warning: Peter James Bromfield has a Cyberstalker (Peter James Bromfield is NOT Stalking Ocean Ramsey or Anyone Else)

Warning: A scandalous cyberstalker and cyberharasser is again posting scandalous lies regarding Mr Peter James Bromfield. They have posted absolutely insane falseness against Mr Peter Bromfield by posting false information about him in various places. It all started because Mr Peter Bromfield commented on an individual’s response on Youtube. In retaliation and out of revengeRead more

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Brian Capien

Brian Capien has slept with so many people that half of them he doesn’t remember there name. He is a cheater and doesn’t use protection ever and he doesn’t sleep w cleanest girls. Some girl caught him pouring Scope mouthwash on his penis…Please be careful when you encounter him. He comes off sweet but whoRead more

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Glenn Allen Scott

Glenn Scott from Oak Creek Wisconsin was diagnosed with gonorrhea after I begged him to get tested for STD’s. He was diagnosed with gonorrhea in January 2017 and did seek treatment for the infection, however denies how he was infected and stated that he had been tested 8 months prior and tested negative. Has issuesRead more

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