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From Little White Lies to Pathological Deception. Aaron Greenspan co owner of plainsite blams his actions on Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and STDs. Do not trust. Aaron Greenspan acts like he is the victim and Latinos and African Americans are thugs because the color of skin . Plainsite is over 90% data from Hispanic andRead more

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Mr. Aaron Greenspan was stripped his title as Founder of Facebook and Facecash. In retaliation , Aaron Greenspan has dug up people personal data and placed it on the website Aaron Greenspan is a diva and is white privileged. Many of the people who are listed in plainsite are Hispanic and Black. Aaron GreenspanRead more

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Aaron Greenspan pretends he is a lawyer and detective. Very bad at both. Arron J Greenspan is upset for being cut out of the movie The Social Network. Apparently the directors decided having a pathetic sociopath mental case who wants to swallow Zucks Jiss would hurt box office tickets. So Aaron Greenspan’s part was takenRead more

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Aaron Greenspan has a lack of interpersonal empathy and an inability to feel pity or remorse similar characteristics of a psychopathic serial killers. Aaron Greenspan doesn’t not value human life, and do not care about the consequences of their crimes. They are callous, indifferent, and extremely brutal in their interactions with their victims. Aaron GreenspanRead more

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Aaron Greenspan is asking people to send in tips!! I have a tip. Stop bring a fraud and remove the names from Google search and pay the IRS back. See the bottom of the post. I don’t understand it today’s world how some low life thug can take Pacer data and upload on his site and then make sure everyone’s name from the pacer data will will be in Google search. If I knew my name would be in Google search I would have allowed my previous job to abuse me. It’s so much better then being publicly shamed. I had asked Aaron Greenspan to remove my name from Google search and Aaron Greenspan got angry and threatened that I asked him again he would sue me and make sure it appears in Google search 10 times more. I’m not the only one. We have started to share our stories. Aaron Greenspan has lived a very privileged life and Judi Greenspan and dr. Neil S Greenspan are very wealthy. I feel dead inside because all my rights ARE taken away. Aaron Greenspan is a very dirty low life who uses a 501c to avoid paying taxes. Please look at all the documents. We are not a so called convicted murder. This is another ploy of Aaron Jacob Greenspan. Do you see what he does? He made up this story about Diego . Now he says diego is a convicted murderer. Now you guys are fooled. Do we are not Diego. We are normal average people who are lower to middle class trying to make a living in this country but we have no voice. Aaron Greenspan has made threats to thousands and thousands of people over the last 3 years. Do you see how Aaron Greenspan plays the victim?? Does he mention he placed people names on organic search on top of lists . Aaron Greenspan gets free advertising. People are angry and post their anger and the snake Aaron Jacob Greenspan make it look like its coming from Diego convicted murderer. DO US JUSTICE AND SHAME ON Neil Greenspan and Judith Keene Greenspan for raising a savage animals. The entire neighborhood in shaker Hights ohio hate these people. GOOGLE SEARCH Simon Greenspan’s plight raises questions concerning how society handles autistic adults. Aaron Greenspan went to the media and made it look like the people in shaker Hights are savages. Aaron J Greenspan parents didnt care or respect the neighborhood . Now Aaron Greenspan doesn’t respect our privacy and made up a story about a Diego dude wanting meet him. Aaron Greenspan is making this all up. AARON GREENSPAN NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP AND ONLY REASON HE GETS AWAY WITH THE CRIMES BECASE HE IS WHITE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keywords for attention Brian Knappenberger @knappB Filmmaker/Director @WeAreLegionFilm @internetsownboy @nobodyspeakfilm Los Angeles, Eric Columbus @EricColumbus Obama appointee at Justice (2009-2014) and Homeland Security (2014-2017). Former Yankee Stadium hot dog vendor. Wannabe U.S. historian. Teller of dad jokes. Washington,… Renee DiResta @noUpside PlainSite Greg Greene @ggreeneva Current: @PPAct. Past: @AFTunion, @TheDemocrats, @BSD. Kitchen nerd, wiseacre, Deep South expat. Views my own; RTs & faves ≠ endorsements Emily Rauhala @emilyrauhala China correspondent @WashingtonPost. Previously @TIME in Beijing, Hong Kong. Adam Goldman @adamgoldmanNYT NYT reporter covering FBI and national security. Live in The Swamp. Ex-WaPo & AP. DC Kelsey Snell @kelsey_snell @NPR Congressional reporter. Former Washington Post, Politico, National Journal. Mostly tweets on Congress & Chicago. Paul Krugman @paulkrugman Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” “The Age of Diminished Expectations” + more. New York Laura Barrera, Esq. @abogada_laura Immigrant advocate. Michigan native. Las Vegan. Jenn Budd @jenn_budd I am the #resistance & you should be worried. Writer, speaker. Former USBP against corruption & immorality of US immigration agencies & their laws. Themyscira David Fahrenthold @Fahrenthold Washington Post reporter, covering President Trump’s businesses and conflicts of interest. MSNBC contributor. Tips? Washington, 4,098 Following Max Boot @MaxBoot CFR fellow, WaPo columnist, CNN analyst. Author: THE ROAD NOT TAKEN. (link: All opinions mine but feel free to adopt them. RT≠endorsements. New @PlainSite The law in plain sight, and now news too. Send tips to Think Computer Foundation Think Computer Corporation Plainsite Facecash

Aaron Greenspan is asking people to send in tips!! I have a tip. Stop bring a fraud and remove the names from Google search and pay the IRS back. See the bottom of the post. I don’t understand it today’s world how some low life thug can take Pacer data and upload on his siteRead more

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