Shannon R Jaco

This crack whore from Bangor Michigan screwed my husband and he caught herpes from her, she will put out for heroine crack meth or whatever she can get high on.She has 6 kids and they all got taken away from her but she just keeps having more and more. The last one was born addictedRead more

Heather McKinney

Heather McKinney has genital herpes and knowingly spreads the disease. She lives in the Troy, or St. Charles, Missouri area. She drives a KIA. She is a drug user and all around horror or person. Watch out for this disease spreading homewrecker.

She has Herprs

I metv t his girl name Juicy on Back Page that is from Burke County. Her real name is Marquita Heath on facebook and they call her Lucy. Her number to contact her on Back Page is 706 514 2409. Don’t call it because she has Herpes. She have me Herpes.

Darius English

My name. Is Darius Shaquill English. DOB 11/08/92 of Atlanta, GA and my on again off again girlfriend and I have genital herpes 1 & 2. We are ON AGAIN OFF AGAIN so who knows where it leads. Maybe to H.I.V if I keep being a hoe. I like to meet various females and spreadRead more