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This person works as a Civil Engineer by day and by night he meets women he found on the internet to sleep with them, and never discloses that he has type 1 and type 2 herpes. He does not care who he gives it to.

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Aaron Greenspan suffers from a mental instability . Aaron Greenspan will give head and then run to police and say he was forced. There are several theories for why Aaaron Greenspan cant stop lying. Narcissists are often pathological liars, because they simply don’t care about the truth. Prefers to tell lies and gain control overRead more

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From Little White Lies to Pathological Deception. Aaron Greenspan co owner of plainsite blams his actions on Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg and STDs. Do not trust. Aaron Greenspan acts like he is the victim and Latinos and African Americans are thugs because the color of skin . Plainsite is over 90% data from Hispanic andRead more

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Mr. Aaron Greenspan was stripped his title as Founder of Facebook and Facecash. In retaliation , Aaron Greenspan has dug up people personal data and placed it on the website Plainsite.org. Aaron Greenspan is a dive and is white privileged. Many of the people who are listed in plainsite are Hispanic and Black. Aaron GreenspanRead more

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Aaron Greenspan pretends he is a lawyer and detective. Very bad at both. Arron J Greenspan is upset for being cut out of the movie The Social Network. Apparently the directors decided having a pathetic sociopath mental case who wants to swallow Zucks Jiss would hurt box office tickets. So Aaron Greenspan’s part was takenRead more

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Aaron Greenspan has a lack of interpersonal empathy and an inability to feel pity or remorse similar characteristics of a psychopathic serial killers. Aaron Greenspan doesn’t not value human life, and do not care about the consequences of their crimes. They are callous, indifferent, and extremely brutal in their interactions with their victims. Aaron GreenspanRead more