WALKER STONE OF SAN FRANCISCO, CA ; ALABAMA seduced me into a purely Sexual relationship starting back in 2016. This over sexed, mentally ill creep pursued me and literally stalked me. I found out later that WALKER STONE has been battling Sexual Addiction and Perversion for quite some time. He used me as a sexualRead more

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Clare Martin 2147180533 Clarissa Melissa Serrato-Martin Dallas Tex Allen Tex

Carries several DRDs she blames former husband for. Clare is pathetic and bitter since her boyfriend won’t ever propose. Very possible she’ll be forced to work, first job at age 42. Her ex divorced her. He upgraded big-time. His new wife is hot, curvy, with magnetic personality everyone adores. Clare is miserable and unhappy withRead more

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Josh Baca Flushing NY

Josh Baca – Flushing NY – 347 973 3674 137-60 45th Ave Flushing NY apt 5F This particular person is known as kinkyAnonBottom on grindr. The first time you meet him, he is ok with you using a condom, except that he says that he hopes that you’d go bareback. However, when you meet himRead more

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