David A. Brown, Corryton, TN

This is the husband of the filth and disease carrier, Elise Givens-Brown. Stay away from this nasty scumbag! He is a cheater too, who is loaded with whatever crabs and diseases that Elise has. David Brown is a horrible boss, among other things. He is a sneaky lowlife cuckold who lives in denial and refusesRead more

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Peter Mylonakis

This devil man, her name is Peter Mylonakis. He and his friends as psychopath, sociopath and cruel as they’re; had raped and tortured four young women and forced them to have sexual relations with other men and they’ve threatened and harassed these young women so that they’re afraid to speak. Some of them are minors.Read more

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Sonal chhugani, obese millionaire, is a cheater and a lying slut. Cheats on her boyfriend but doesn tell you she has one when she’s on her online dating profiles. ALSO a complete fucking catfish, posts pictures of herself where she looks slimmer but an absolute walrus when you meet her. Fucked up face, acne scarsRead more

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Tushar Chawla

Tushar Chawla from Baruch College in the MFE department, fired from Morgan Stanley risk management internship under Nicholas Hawrylyshyn is a RAPIST and PERVERT. He OWNS child pornography and redistributes it to people in India. He is a rapist, and brings STDS with him. He fucks prostitutes with a two inch, hairy dick. He smellsRead more

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