Brian Capien

Brian Capien is a nasty meth user. He’s been using for 5 years and has ruined so many ppl lives. He sleeps w whores in exchange for drugs and sells his food stamps so he doesn’t have food unless someone buys it for him. His house 99% of the time is a nasty smelling shit hole and you leave there smelling like dog shit. Brian has an std that’s even made its way to his eyes. This man has no class and will ruine your life if you do not do what he says.. he calls woman the foulest of names .. he has no job.. no car… rides a bike everywhere at 37 years old. This is a warning to not sleep w this trash….He bothers every one of my friends… he faxes my work… he has put lies about me on the internet.. threatening my kids… threatening me.. put my mom on the internet all because I won’t respond to him or I won’t take him back. Below are messages from him from a fake Facebook acct. He makes up these acts because he has no way to contact me. Stay clear of him inless you’re a druggie and want laid. Not good for anything else.

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