Billie Guinn – Oxford, Pennsylvania, USA


Billie Guinn is a 50 year old hag with a mile-long criminal record. She is a thief, a snitch, a tweaker, and a life-long trouble maker. Billie Guinn is bad luck and bad news! Avoid her at all costs! Trouble and bullshit follow this woman, wherever she goes.

Billie was arrested a few months ago for receiving stolen goods, from a CVS pharmacy. Years before that, she robbed a Dollar General store and beat up the cashier. Billie never learns her lesson and once she’s out of jail, she pulls the same shit, over and over! She can’t do anything right and she can’t keep out of trouble. Billie Guinn is a career criminal. There is no hope for this loser!

The state needs to keep her stupid ass locked up, instead of always letting her out! Pennsylvania residents pay too much in taxes every year and they deserve better. They need to get something for their money, instead of being burdened with this massive, waste of space, thieving junkie!

Men, avoid this hag! I know some of you sickos out there like getting back-alley, gum jobs from toothless meth whores, but this is one tweaker you need to avoid! As you can tell by her picture, she looks like an addict who was rode hard and put away, wet. Billie does hard core drugs and has unprotected sex. Very dangerous. Plus, she’ll either rob you, assault you, or will rat you out to the cops. Billie is also known for being a psycho ball & chain girlfriend, too. Beware!

Billie Guinn has a family. She has prison. Let them deal with her! Do yourself a favor and stay the hell away from this worthless ass, hose-beast, junkie!

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