Лучшие новостные заголовки СМИ за 2017 год: Два омича похитили железнодорожный рельс, чтобы отпраздновать проводы в армию Блоги о недвижимости Источник: Блог о недвижимости…| Источник: Блог о недвижимости…|

Jabriel D. Edmonds

This guy is from GA. He currently lives in the State of Missouri, City of Belton. He frequents the Grandview, Mo and Blue Springs, Mo areas as well. He has family in LA, GA, and IL, where he may be praying on women there as well. He is positive for the following STD’s: Genital herpes,Read more

Sean Glass

I met Sean Glass of Glassnote Records at a Grammy event. He fed me a bunch of bullshit about how he works for Apple Music and Jimmy Iovine (later I found out that he was fired from Apple and was not working for them at the time I met him). Anyway, he KEPT feeding myRead more

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