Tina Mays

She gave me herpes. She is a hurt individual and she is passing herpes to her sex partners. I just want to warn people, so they don’t have to live with this life long disease like I do. She is from St Louis, Mo and I also attached her picture.

Hassan Alreyashi

I’m reporting anonymously Hassan Alreyashi who has multiple STD’s: Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Trichomoniasis and High Risk HPV. He is also Married with children and enjoy’s having sex with younger women and men from dating sites. Please be careful if you come across this man.

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Tushar chawla

Tushar Chawla Baruch mfe (fired from internship at Morgan Stanley for raping an employee) is a disgusting rapist who ruined my entire life. He ruined another human being’s life. He deserves to suffer for what he has done.

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